Champion Concrete, Inc. understands that no two projects are alike.  Many different factors play a role in a projects overall success.  Champion tailors each operation to meet the specific  requirements of the contractor and owner.  

Regional Considerations

Champion has worked in densely a populated and remote areas along with working in regions that have severe weather conditions.  We fully understand how to staff and equip projects with dedicated concrete supplies in these regions.


The schedule is typically the driving force for procuring a dedicate source of concrete to your project.  Champion has experience establishing facilities capable of delivering concrete at rates anywhere from 50cy's/hr up to 250cy's/hr.

Technical Requirement

The types of materials and mixes required will also play a role in establishing the correct type of operation to meet the needs of the project.  Not all batch plants are created equal and at times specialized equipment may be needed to meet the projects requirements for special mix designs and the use of special materials.  At times Champion has procured materials from over 2,000 miles away to meet project requirements.

HSSE & Quality

Safety and Quality are key to an operations or projects success.  Champion Concrete, Inc. provides dedicated, trained and certified safety and quality personnel specific to those roles on every project.  These individuals act independent of the site management group and always have authority to stop work if necessary. Our management group is also cross trained as well in these roles to better serve the operation.

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"Champion will always strive to provide exactly what is requested by the Contractor or Owner.  We will also offer savings in the way of alternates if we believe it will benefit the Contractor, Owner and the project as a whole."


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