2019 Shell Family Day

September 21, 2019

Champion Concrete was fortunate enough to take part in Shell's second annual Family Day.  We want to thank Shell, Bechtel the trades and everyone who stopped by to talk with us and learn a little bit about concrete.

First Recipient SOR Award

March 18, 2019

Congratulations to Dan Sebrell for being the first recipient of Champion Concrete Safety Observation Report (SOR) program.

Employee's are encouraged to seek out hazards during their work day and when they do find them they are encouraged to interject and help find solutions to mitigate the potential hazard.  Dan has done a fantastic job looking out for himself and fellow employee's finding a number of potential hazards and getting involved on what could've been some critical items.

A big thanks goes out to Dan and all of those that got involved over the past few weeks in helping us work safely.  Keep up the good work.

 - M. Fitzpatrick

Business Unit Manager

Have a Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2018

With two weeks of holiday fun just around the corner we'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Please remember that traveling during holidays is always troublesome so plan ahead and prepare for your trip where ever it may take you.  Champion Concrete would also like to remind our vendors, customers, suppliers and most importantly our employee's to stay focused during this time as we understand it may be difficult to keep your mind on task with everything going on.  We truly appreciate everyone's effort in making this such a great year and look forward to the year ahead.

We again hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and New Year celebration spent with family and friends.

Merry Christmas!

Pennsylvania Chemicals Family Day

September 15, 2018

Shell Appalachia hosted Pennsylvania Chemicals Family Day this past September.  It was a fantastic event with a great turnout from the local community.  Champion was fortunate enough to be invited by Shell to setup an exhibit in which we staged our ready mix truck from children and adults to see up close.  A big thanks to all those that were a part of putting this together.

Be Safe!!

Pennsylvania June Safety Award

June 08, 2018

Champion would like to congratulate Zeynali Kahraman as the June safety award winner in Pennsylvania.  Zeynali has been with Champion for over a year now and has done an excellent job.  Most days he is so quite you wouldn't even know he was around.  However, day in and day out Zeynali is always professional, courteous, punctual and he keeps busy.

Zeynali has chosen "Diabetes Awareness" as his topic to be recognized.  Diabetes is one of the leading afflictions that American's contract over time and is definitely a topic that all of us should learn more about and take notice of.

Thanks Zeynali for all your hard work.  Be Safe!

Pennsylvania May Safety Award

June 04, 2018

Congratulations to Norman "Hippie" Derby for a job well done in May.  He is the May safety award winner.  Norm is always cool, calm and collected and probably best known for his ability to lighten the mood.  We appreciate Norms involvement and commitment day in and day out.

Norm has chosen to acknowledge "Breast Cancer Awareness" as his topic to take notice of.  There is probably not one single person across the country the breast cancer has not touched in one way or another nor is there anyone who does not know what the pink ribbon stands for.

Way to go Norm and be safe!

Pennsylvania April Safety Award

April 23, 2018

Congratulations to Chuck Martin who became our third recipient of a safety award this year.  Chuck has been an integral part of our team in Midland since we started.  Always the first to arrive and last to leave not to mention willing to lend a hand.  Chuck is always looking out for his fellow employee's and lets everyone know when issues arise.  We are very thankful to have Chuck helping lead the way and take charge when challenges emerge. 


For his ribbon, Chuck has chosen to remind us about "Distracted Driving" which is a topic we can all take note of.  In the era of technology we take for granted how important it is to not be distracted when we're doing something important like operating a vehicle that can be a weapon if used improperly.  Thanks again Chuck and keep'em safe..

Pennsylvania March Safety Award

March 26, 2018

Congratulation Chris Szekely on being recognized by his peers and winning the safety award for the month of March.  Chris was one of the first ready mix drivers Champion hired in the area and he has done an excellent job of being professional and helping fellow employees day in and day out.  Chris has chosen to honor "Childhood Cancer Awareness" which is an absolutely fantastic topic to highlight and keep in our thoughts and prayers.  Keep up the good work Chris.

Pennsylvania February Safety Award

February 26, 2018

Dilyavr Islamov has been acknowledged as the recipient of our Pennsylvania safety award for the month of February.  Dilyavr has been an asset since starting with Champion in April of 2017.  Up to this point Dilyavr has had zero safety incidents and keeps his equipment and tools looking immaculate while always chipping in to help.  He is a fantastic team member always looking out for fellow employees and we are very appreciative of his efforts.  In being awarded Dilyavr has selected the POW/MIA ribbon for his truck.  Thank you Dilyavr and keep up the good work.

A New Year Begins

January 01, 2018

A new year begins!  In reflecting on 2017 there are so many great takeaways that it isn't possible to list each one.  Champion is immensely proud of our Texas and Pennsylvania crews who are doing an outstanding job of working safely and professionally.  They are a testament to our belief in safety, professionalism and quality.

Heading into 2018 we want to start off on the right foot and continue to foucs our attention to safety.  Let's all make it a point to ask questions and be cautious.  Let's put safety first so we can all go home to our families happy and healthy.

Happy New Year and Be Safe!

Hurricane Harvey Cleanup

September 10, 2017

The San Patricio County area was recently ravaged by Hurricane Harvey.  The amount of devastation in the Rockport, TX area is unbelievable.  Champion would like to thank all of those involved that assisted with helping out the local communities in picking up the pieces and trying to get the area back to normal.  While it will take time the locals in the area have shown how resilient they are.  We are so thankful to have had the great opportunity to meet so many good people in the area since moving in and we will continue to help whenever we can. 


Every day is a blessing!  

Pennsylvania Operation Starts Production

June 01, 2017

Champion Concrete's Pennsylvania operation officially started producing concrete in Monaca, PA.  We want to thank the local Borough of Midland and surrounding communities and contractors for their help in getting things up and operational.  It was a concerted effort in which everyone chipped in and made it happen.

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